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Places in Africa, Top 10

What to see and do in South Africa?

South Africa is a sumptuous country. Witness to an eventful history, it is also a land where nature has preserved its rights. Making a trip to South Africa means discovering breathtaking landscapes but also cities that have been able to transform themselves. What to do in South Africa? It’s time for a trip to the other end of Africa!Continue reading

Places in Africa, Top 10

The most beautiful waterfalls in Morocco

If you plan to go on vacation in Morocco, you certainly hope to find the sun and visit major cities such as Marrakech or Fez. You also expect to discover the Sahara and take a camel ride. But did you know that Morocco are also very beautiful waterfalls? Cascades d’Ouzoud or waterfalls of Akchour, difficult to resist landscapes of exception.Continue reading