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Places in Europe, Top 10

The 12 best restaurants in Rome

Rome is a city where it is good to eat. But the Italian capital is also home to its lot of tourist catchers who rip off visitors with mediocre pizzas and ice cream without interest. To help you have a pleasant stay, we explored the city to find the best trattoria (traditional Italian restaurants), gelateria (glaciers) and pizzerias of the city. All you have to do is to book a table in a restaurant in Rome and fill your belly. Enjoy your meal.Continue reading

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Discover Istanbul differently

Ah, Istanbul … the biggest city of Turkey radiates across borders. Once a capital city of the Byzantine Empire, Roman and Ottoman, Istanbul lives between East and West, with fascinating energy. Here you will be amazed by the Bosphorus, its numerous squares and mosques, and you will be amazed by its historical district, the Sultanahmet …Continue reading

Places in Europe, Top 10

The most beautiful islands in Greece

The Greek islands are, to say the least, numerous. There are several thousand of which 777 would be worthy of interest according to some guides. No worries, we are not going to cite here all the Greek islands. We will only tell you about the most beautiful Greek islands. It’s time for a trip to the sun in an enchanting setting.Continue reading

Places in Europe, Top 10

What to do in Frankfurt?

Frankfurt, lulled by the banks of the Main and financial capital of Germany, is known as “Main-Hattan”. As the third largest airport in Europe and an important transit point, the city is often perceived as a simple transit city. Travelers do not think to visit Frankfurt like other German cities, wrongly. We share with you what to see and what to do in Frankfurt.Continue reading

Places in Europe, Top 10

What to do in Kiev?

Kiev is a city rich in history, a history that one discovers during our visits of the museums and other places. But Kiev is also an ideal place to go out, discover together the essential places of your visit to the capital of Ukraine.Continue reading