Ah, Istanbul … the biggest city of Turkey radiates across borders. Once a capital city of the Byzantine Empire, Roman and Ottoman, Istanbul lives between East and West, with fascinating energy. Here you will be amazed by the Bosphorus, its numerous squares and mosques, and you will be amazed by its historical district, the Sultanahmet …
If you want to make your stay in Istanbul truly unique, we have prepared a selection of unusual places and places in Istanbul. Perfect to add a touch of originality during your visit to Istanbul!

Best views of Istanbul

Awe-inspiring, to begin your weekend or stay in Istanbul, and if you discover one of the many “rooftops” of Istanbul? To help you, we chose two terraces in Istanbul away from the crowds and glitz of the spotlights.

Discover local flavors at Istanbul’s Grand Bazaar

It is certainly not the most original place in the city … but traveling along the alleys of the Grand Bazaar will give you a glimpse of all the flavors of Istanbul, the excitement of the senses that reign there. Of course, some prizes are overpriced, but this can allow you to do some tracking!

Discover a show of “whirling dervishes”

If touring dervishes in Istanbul is more akin to tourism than to culture, it is nevertheless a spectacle that is worth the detour. Attending their dances for the “sema”, during which they turn on themselves faster and faster, has something hypnotizing … Several places in Istanbul offer shows of whirling dervishes, such as the Hodjapasha Cultural Center or Still the Silivrikapi Cultural Center.

Take a trip to Asia


Did you know ? Istanbul is located between Europe and Asia, so you just have to take a boat to pass Asia and arrive on the Asian side of Istanbul via the Bosphorus. The modern district of Moda, the most authentic of Uskudar, the market of Kadiköy …. So many places to discover, while having the pride of having trampled the Asian continent! Do not miss the Haydarpaşa station with its beautiful interior decoration, plus a vintage jetty! Breathtaking.

Take one of Istanbul’s secret passages

If there are many shops and boutiques on Istikal Avenue, the most famous shopping avenue in Istanbul, it is essential that you discover the passages that adjoin it. The passages of Pera, those of Galata or Stamboul are sometimes a little dilapidated, sometimes inhabited by shops or hotels … what to admire the architectural marvels of Istanbul (and to be able to visit Istanbul when it rains without suffering!).

In the underground tunnels of Istanbul, at the Basilica Cistern

Since one talks about architecture, there is a monument that you must absolutely see in Istanbul, it is the Basilica Cistern. Right next to the Hagia Sophia Basilica, the Basilica Cistern bears its name: it is indeed a cistern decorated in the style of a basilica, restored by the municipality. Today, there is something solemn to walk among its columns, its basins are frequented by fish. On the way, do not miss the heads of Medusa sculpted in the marble!

Discover Istanbul’s unusual hotels

Of course, the list of unusual things to see Istanbul otherwise is still long, but with these little favorites you should easily have your dose of originality for a first few days stay in Istanbul.

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