Spring is definitely a great time to travel. But not everybody leaves in the spring for the same reasons. Some seek a cheap destination, others prefer to leave in May to avoid the crowd while others still prefer the spring holidays to enjoy a favorable climate. Here are a few inexpensive and perfect destinations to leave in the spring.

The cheapest destinations

In the Canary Islands, the weather is good all year round. Waiting for prices to go up during the summer would be a shame. For a return flight from Paris to Fuerteventura from 13 to 20 May 2017, the price is 194 euros. From 15 to 22 July 2017, this price increases to 260 euros. Worse, from 5 to 12 August, for the same trip, you will have to disburse 431 euros. And this is without counting hotels that will naturally be more expensive during the summer. So do not wait to fly to the Canary Islands and enjoy a stay in the sunshine if you are looking for a cheap destination for your spring vacation.


Using our flight comparator, we also noted that going to Miami in May was particularly economical. For a flight from 5 to 12 August, you will pay, at least expensive, 778 euros. From 13th to 20th May, this price increases to 521 euros. An interesting economy that makes it possible to have fun on the spot. Moreover, leaving in May in Miami allows to enjoy a very favorable climate with temperatures between 20 and 30 degrees before the rainy season does not settle.

Destinations with a favorable spring climate

If Spain is a cheap destination for a spring holiday, it is also a more pleasant country at this season. If you wish to discover the charms of Andalusia, note that from June to August the temperatures reach 40 to 42 °. To make visits or to hike, admit that this is perhaps not the best solution. This climate will be much more pleasant to make idleness and enjoy the beaches of the region. In the spring, on the other hand, temperatures are around 20 °, this offers many opportunities for activities.



In Portugal, it is much the same as in Spain, its neighbor. It is nice to discover Porto, Lisbon, Faro, but visiting cities under a lead sun makes losing its charm to your holiday. In summer, the temperatures are around 40 ° C, while if you decide to leave in April, these temperatures will be 10 ° lower. Moreover, this destination will naturally be cheaper in the spring.

Less tourist destinations in spring

Greece is a cheaper country than France (the cost of living index is lower by more than 20 points). Naturally, this attracts tourists come to visit this country with many treasures. And it is quite summer that the Europeans arrive en masse. It is more than advisable to leave in May or even April if you want to enjoy this country without having to queue at each monument. In addition, this inexpensive destination will be even more interesting in the spring, you will be able to enjoy on the spot by browsing the restaurants to discover Greek gastronomy.


Finally, let’s leave in Corsica during this spring break. This region of France is a huge success due to its favorable climate in summer to enjoy the magnificent beaches of the region. But if you want to go hiking without being a victim of the heat or if you plan to go more intimate discover the calanques of Piana, leaving in May is definitely a solution to consider. In addition, out of season, Corsica becomes a cheap destination.

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