The Greek islands are, to say the least, numerous. There are several thousand of which 777 would be worthy of interest according to some guides. No worries, we are not going to cite here all the Greek islands. We will only tell you about the most beautiful Greek islands. It’s time for a trip to the sun in an enchanting setting.


Crete has become an inescapable place of travel in the Greek islands. This major island seduces first of all by its capital, Heraklion, a young and dynamic city where activities are not lacking. But, of course, the charm of Crete lies also and especially in its villages, Knossos where we find the site of Phaestos in Matala, a seaside resort where the beaches are lined with beautiful cliffs. And if you want to enjoy a beach away from everything, go to the beach of Preveli that you reach only by boat by the trail of the monastery, you can lay your towel in charming isolated coves.


The largest island in the Dodecanese, Rhodes is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful islands in Greece. One particularly appreciates the medieval enclosure placed around the old town which offers a real architectural charm in Rhodes. Alleys, workshops of craftsmen, plots, nothing is missing. And when you leave the old town, you marvel at the magnificent scenery and long sandy beaches to enjoy the favorable climate of Rhodes. Lindos dominated by the Arcapolis, Falikari and its luxurious facilities, Kalithea and its thermal baths, are some of the must-see places on this Greek island.


Welcome to the Ionian Islands and in particular to Corfu, a verdant island with charming spaces making this place one of the most beautiful Greek islands. Between seaside resorts and picturesque villages, each one will find his happiness here according to the orientation he wishes to give to his holidays. First come to the city of Corfu, a city with various influences with its fortresses that recall Italy and its arcades in the French. We also appreciate its fortifications facing the sea and its famous religious building, the monastery of Kanoni. Then take the road to Sidari with its beaches and rocks or Kouloura, its bay and its charming beach of Kalami.


This Cycladic island is also one of the most beautiful islands in Greece. You will be immediately charmed by the whiteness of its authentic village. Mykonos is one of the most visited Greek islands and we understand why. From its labyrinthine alleys to its very active harbor in the morning with the arrival of the fishermen, to its paradisiacal beaches, Mykonos has nothing to envy to the others. In the evening, at the time of sunset, come to admire a very beautiful spectacle in the district of the small Venice. Do you like windsurfing? Go to the beach of Kalafati, a very windy beach. On the other hand, if you enjoy the festive atmosphere, join Paradise beach and its techno music. Finally, if you want to calm down, you will have to go to the beach of Lia.



The second largest Dodecanese island after Rhodes, Kos is a popular Greek island for its archaeological remains and beaches, particularly in Tigkaki and Marmari. Want to discover luxurious and festive places? It is in Kardamaina that you will have to surrender. Kos is one of the most famous Greek islands for its nightlife. Party lover, forget Ibiza, Kos is waiting for you! On the other hand, if you prefer the charm of unspoilt villages, we advise you to go on Mount Dikaios. If you want to dominate the plain of Kos, the site of Ascepleion welcomes you to offer you an exceptional view. Do not forget your camera.


Santorini or Santorini, is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful Greek islands, especially because of the unique points of view that it offers to the visitors. First meet in the capital of Santorini, Thira. This town offers an incredible panorama and a view of the Caldera, a beautiful bay. With its picturesque alleys and white walls, Santorini has not finished charming you. Fancy a change of scenery, Oia welcomes you. This village presents its troglodytic dwellings and its chapels. You can reach the harbor by a small staircase for a stroll with a view of the sea. Of course, Santorini are also beautiful beaches like Red Beach and its red cliffs.


Naxos is none other than the largest island of the Cylclades. This multi-faceted Greek island offers both tourist places where the festival is the honor and sumptuous landscapes in the hinterland. Naxos seduces by its port and its old town with its cobbled streets. Amateur of vestiges, it is towards the port of Apollones that one will have to go or in the region of Flérios. On the other hand, if you prefer to enjoy the beautiful weather of Naxos and its beautiful beaches, put your towel on the sandy beach of Panormos, a small wild cove or Agios Prokopios, simply considered one Of the most beautiful beaches in Greece.


Return to the Ionian Islands with Zakynthos, also named Zante. The capital of the island is a restored city that was destroyed in 1953 by an earthquake. Despite this, it retains all its charm and Venetian architecture. Three churches have survived, you can take the time to visit them. For a moment of relaxation, discover the beach Agiou Marcou, the most beautiful of the city with its fine sand and turquoise water. If you like the turtles, you should know that it is in the village of Vassilikos that the beaches on which the turtle Carreta-Carreta comes to lay its eggs.


Finally, among the most beautiful islands of Greece is Samos, a northern island where nature has its place. For if you appreciate the charm of its picturesque villages and its archaeological sites, it is without question its beaches of white sand, its unusual creeks and its verdant aspect that seduces at the first glance. Samos has several ports, including Vathi, the main and most lively, but also Kokkari, more picturesque, or Karlovassi, again a picturesque area not far from which is one of the most beautiful beaches of the island, the beach Of Potami.

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