Things to do to discover are not lacking in the British capital. In addition to the must-see attractions such as the Tower of London, Harrods or Buckingham Palace, there are hundreds of incredible places to discover off the beaten track. You do not know what to do in London? Follow the guide !

1. Sip champagne at the top of Tower 42

“The Shard” is the tallest tower in London and the London Eye offers a magnificent view of the Westminster Palace, but if you want to enjoy a sumptuous panorama at a reasonable price, At Tower 42. For years it was the tallest building in the city, and the top floor allows you to enjoy a magnificent view of the city below. Even better: it is possible to climb for free as long as you take a few drinks at the champagne bar Vertigo 42 (a bar located at the top of the tower) for a minimum of £ 10 (about 14 euros), a very good deal when We know that it costs 25 £ (35 €) per person to climb to the top of the shard – drink not included. This is a first way to visit London by taking the height.

2. Visit the Museum of Natural History

If you do not know what to do in London, there are tons of free museums and the Natural History Museum is one of the best of them. This magnificent building houses a life-size replica of a blue whale and a Tyrannosaurus Rex – as well as many rare pieces such as an elephant egg – a bird species that could reach 500 kg and today Disappeared. In winter, a skating rink is set up on the forecourt of the museum – remember to book in advance, because the ice rink is very popular! In addition, the museum houses the annual “Wildlife Photographer Exhibition of Year”, a wildlife photography exhibition. If you have the opportunity, try to visit the museum on weekdays, as the museum is black at the weekend. This place of interest in London is one of the must-see.

3. Fill the paunch at the market of “Borough Market”

London is full of busy markets, but the Borough food market is probably one of the best – especially with free samples that you can sample. Go for a walk and gorget small pieces of cheese while admiring the brilliant colors of the stalls and the incredible choice of foods from all over the world – think of a trip to the oyster bar on the way. If you’re not too busy, head to Elliot’s Café, a nearby cafe that serves delicious dishes cooked with fresh ingredients from the market itself.

4. Let yourself be dazzled by the Tate Modern

The museum is housed in an impressive building that once housed the Bankside thermal power station. Impossible to visit London without going through this place. The turbine hall (Turbine Hall) once housed – as its name suggests – enormous electric generators. Today, it houses temporary art galleries such as The Weather Project and a sunset appeared in the lobby in 2003. The main collection of the Tate Modern is available free of charge and features works by many famous artists Such as Matisse, Picasso and Rothko. This museum is gigantic: a day will not be superfluous if you want to visit the museum in its smallest corners.

5. Catch vertigo at Tower Bridge

Often confused with the “London Bridge” – a much less beautiful bridge that crosses the Thames much further to the west – Tower Bridge is more than just a way to cross the Thames. The pedestrian walkway was originally designed as a way for pedestrians to cross the Thames when the central section of the bridge was lifted during boat crossings. But quickly, this footbridge became a popular place for prostitutes and was therefore closed. Now, this bridge is once again open as part of the exhibition “Tower Bridge Exhibition”, and a glass floor was recently installed, giving you a breathtaking view of the traffic below and an amazing view of the Tower Of London, located nearby, a very nice way to visit London.


6. Proceed along the south shore

The South Shore may be infernal or enchanting – it all depends on when you get there. On weekends, especially in summer, avoid the section near the London Eye at all costs – the place is almost impassable because it is invaded by hordes of tourists. At sunset, the square in front of the Royal Festival Hall becomes enchanting thanks to the soft light of the streetlights and the lights of the city which offer a superb backdrop. If you visit London and its south shore during the day, we recommend you take a tour of the market – which is located in front of the “British Film Institute” – and why not watch a classic movie as long as you are in the corner.

7. Spend the evening in Hoxton and Shoreditch

If you do not know what to do in London, spend a memorable evening in the best neighborhoods like Hoxton and Shoreditch. These neighborhoods are full of trendy bars and restaurants popular with Londoners. As for food, do not hesitate to dine in one of the many Vietnamese restaurants at Kingsland Road (a street known as Pho Mile, known as the Vietnamese national dish: Phở) such as Cây Tre or The Mien Tay. Continue the evening at Bar Kick – a bar very popular with table football fans – or at The Bridge, a cafe filled with red curtains and bizarre statues; A haven of velvet prize that begins to fill with revelers from 11 pm in the evening.

8. Admire the pelicans at St. James Park

Hyde Park is London’s largest parks and Regent’s Park is home to an open-air theater. As for Saint James’ Park, it is undoubtedly the most beautiful park of the city. Located between Westminster Palace and the ultra-tourist Buckingham Palace, this park offers an oasis of calm in the middle of the city. This is the perfect place to stop for a cup of tea and bird watching. The park is famous for sheltering a group of pelicans, which were introduced there in 1664 by a Russian ambassador. They say they would love to sit on the benches next to the tourists. Keep an eye on your snack!

9. Drink a tea in a luxury hotel

Having tea in a luxury hotel is certainly not cheap, but it will allow you to spend a fantastic afternoon. “The Ritz” is one of the best places to drink tea, eat sandwiches or scones (a typical English cake), but the price is up to the luxury of the hotel: expect £ 50 (£ 50) per person. If this is beyond your budget, go to The Wolseley. Located just a minute’s walk away, this cafe-restaurant is as luxurious as “The Ritz” and offers unbeatable service at half the price. Many other hotels will allow you to have a tea break in the middle of the afternoon, but no matter where you plan to go: remember to book as early as possible to make sure you have space.

10. Get on board a “duck”

One of the cheapest and fastest ways to visit London and discover the Thames is to embark on a Thames Clipper, the English equivalent of our boats. The journey costs about £ 6 (approx. € 8.5) and you can use your Oyster card – the equivalent of the Navigo card – to pay!

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