The second city of Portugal is home to picturesque narrow lanes, a beautiful harbor and port, of course. Are you looking for a place to stay in Porto in Portugal for a weekend or a few days? Find our ideas to help you decide!

1. Climb to the top of Torre dos Clérigos

If you want to visit Porto, the “Torre dos Clérigos” (the Clerical Tower) is one of the most emblematic buildings in Porto. At the top of it you can admire a magnificent panorama of the rest of the city. So it’s a perfect visit to Porto!

2. Visit the Serralves Park and its museum

Want to visit Porto and take a short break? Located between the city center of Porto and the seafront, Serralves combines the best of nature and culture. The vast green gardens of Serralves, which cover an area of ​​18 hectares, are home to many animal and plant species. Admission is free on Sunday morning. The park surrounds a bright pink Villa of Art Deco type as well as the Museum of Contemporary Art, which houses a collection of Portuguese artworks created in the 1960s. Do not forget to end your visit by drinking coffee And eating a cake, sitting comfortably at the beautiful terrace of the museum. Serralves hosts many cultural events throughout the year. Do not hesitate to inquire about the program of upcoming events to organize your weekend in Porto (Portugal).

3. Admire the pretty neighborhood of Ribeira

The neighborhood of Ribeira in Porto is a very popular district during a trip to Porto. After a day exploring the narrow streets, protected from the sun by the shadow of the large buildings in downtown Porto, continue your walk in the direction of the old town, a very pleasant area to visit. The evening is the best time to enjoy the old town. Sit on the terrace of a cafe and drink a fresh sangria while admiring the Douro River in front of you. On the other side, the hill of Gaia (a neighboring town on the other river of the Douro River) is covered with luminous ancient walls, revealing the presence of famous wineries where the Porto is stored. You can also enjoy an unforgettable view of the D. Luiz Bridge and the Church of “Serra do Pilar”.

4. Dance all night in downtown Porto

Would you like to go out to Porto (Portugal)? You do not need to walk far from the city center to find trendy places to spend the night. The streets around the church Clérigos are practically empty during the day, but they fill with people, good food and music from the end of the afternoon until the wee hours of the morning. There are cafes, restaurants and a host of bars and clubs where tourists and locals flock.

5. Get on board an old tramway

The streets of Porto can be very steep in places. A good way to discover the city is to board one of these electric streetcars. It is an essential activity during a weekend in Porto! Introduced in the early 1900s, these classic yellow vehicles gradually disappeared in the second half of the 20th century, leaving room for buses. However, in recent years, these vintage vehicles have been reintroduced on a few “heritage itineraries” which will allow you to reach several monuments in the city center as well as the waterfront. Trams are therefore an integral part of public transport. Port.

6. Walk to Foz


Foz is one of the oldest districts of Porto. In Portuguese, “Foz” literally means “mouth of the river”. This area stretches from the mouth of the Douro river to the seafront. Start your walk by going to Passeio Alegre, a road that runs along the river and is bordered by palm trees. Lose yourself in the narrow and cobbled streets of Foz Velha (“the old Foz”), not forgetting your ultimate goal of being in front of the sea. The Atlantic Ocean – bordered by many small beaches – Ideal place to admire the sunset. You can also go for a romantic walk with the chosen one of your heart or a drink at the end of the day.

7. Visit a cellar where the Porto grows in immense oak barrels

Do you want to smell the woody smell reigning in the cold, dusty air of a wine cellar filled with port that sits? The foothills of Gaia – located opposite Porto on the other side of the Douro River – are home to all the large wine cellars where the fortified wine is stored (a wine in which one adds a little brandy) Known as Porto, which is produced only in northern Portugal. Most wineries organize wine tastings. Guided tours will reveal the secrets of port wine making: the way the grapes are selected, how the wine is produced and what makes it a recognized and popular drink throughout the world.

8. Eat a francesinha

You are hungry? Why not eat a good portion of meat? In Porto, you do not have to go far to see your wish fulfilled. One of the staples of traditional Porto cuisine is an unforgettable culinary experience and a great source of local pride. Francesinha consists of steak, slices of ham and spicy sausages placed between two slices of toasted bread. The whole is covered with melted cheese and sauce (spicy or not) – the recipe of the sauce is kept secret. There is intense competition between restaurants to find out who is cooking the best francesinha of the city. To know where to eat is simple: ask a local what is his favorite restaurant in francesinha and take up the challenge.

9. Take a drink at the quai de Gaia

Sip a small aperitif (such as icy white port wine or moscatel – a sweet wine produced in north-eastern Portugal) while looking at the colorful houses that stretch along the hills of the city is another (and Excellent) way to finish the day in beauty. You can admire the sun set slowly and the blue sky darken while eating a few tremoços (seeds of cured white lupine) and some peanuts. At dinner time, if you do not know which dish to choose among the wide choice offered by the restaurants of the quay of Gaia, choose a cod dish! A sure bet in Portugal. Let yourself be inspired by the bridges, the colors of the facades and the light breeze coming from the ocean, while enjoying your dinner …

10. Explore the Douro River

Fancy a little green on a two or three day trip to Porto? The iconic Douro River, which takes its source in Spain and crosses the north of Portugal to Porto, can be discovered in different ways. Boats departing from Ribeira offer short excursions (which will allow you to discover the city’s bridges) as well as longer cruises, during which you go up the river and discover the valleys of the interior of the country. It is in these valleys – part of the UNESCO world heritage – that wines from northern Portugal are produced, including the famous Porto. You can also discover this beautiful landscape during a train ride and take the opportunity to visit vineyards, wine estates and museums.

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