From a gondola ride to bungee jumping, these are the clichés of trips to do and see – as well as some amazing alternatives

From safari to swimming with sharks, from Venice to Niagara Falls, we present 10 of the most famous monuments, attractions and activities you should (or not) do before dying, as well as some amazing variants.

1. Bungee Jumping, New Zealand

Queenstown, New Zealand is one of the world epicenters of extreme sports. Every hiker worthy of the name has made bungee jumping in New Zealand, but bungee jumping is not the only extreme option here: how about a big speed boat ride Speed? Or falling back on a chair … a cliff?

2. Honeymoon, Maldives

Kate and William have recently made a second honeymoon in a very luxurious five-star hotel on the Noonu atoll in the Maldives. What, what five stars? The same observation was made. The Maldives beats the Turks and Caicos Islands as the most popular, if not the most kitsch, honeymoon destination in the world. You’re right, we’re just jealous.

3. Swim with sharks

It looks pretty nice. These Caribbean reef sharks are quite cute compared to the great white sharks which are a very popular attraction in South Africa. If diving into a cage in the midst of killers frightens you, try swimming with manatees, these funny engaging sirens in Florida.

4. Gondola Tour, Venice

It is a classic postcard: a gondola on a canal in Venice, the Rialto bridge in the background, a couple who embrace and a proud gondolier who advances his boat by singing the famous “O Sole Mio”. Simply take the Vaporetto!

5. Ice skating, New York

Besides the demand for marriage in a horse-drawn carriage, Central Park in New York offers another possibility of so-cute-so-adorable moment to hold hands: ice skating. If you are not talented, you will have at least someone to hold your hand. In the summer, the famous ice rink turns into a swimming pool.


6. Niagara Falls

Take a boat trip to get a closer look at Ontario’s gigantic natural attraction, Niagara Falls. Beware, you may get wet, and certainly will not be alone. If you like to see a waterfall in peace, how about the Big Goat Lake Falls in Alaska – you can only see a plane or a helicopter?

7. Tour of the mountains, Scotland

“Munro-bagging” means climbing as much as possible Scottish mountains more than 3000 feet (915 m). There are 282, so you can start right away. Challenge more rarely undertaken: the “Marilyn-bagging”. A Marilyn is a hill at least 150 meters high. There are 1217 in Scotland, so you can start right away …

8. Safari, Africa

Take out the telephoto lenses, the lion comes in your direction. If the cliché of the jeep ride with other tourists strafing the lions in the Masai Mara is not your cup of tea, there are many other more peaceful and environmentally friendly ways to do a safari in Africa. Or you could do a safari much less far and see animals as impressive as giraffes and elephants. Like the Shetland Islands, and their puffins, otters and orcs.

9. Seven Stars Hotel, Dubai

You want to do better than Kate and William, right? Trade your five stars, not for six, but for SEVEN star in the emblematic and extravagant Burj Al Arab hotel in Dubai. You may have to first become rich or a celebrity, or both. Or forget the tape-to-go and look for the “real” Dubai … by going to eat a curry. For more ideas, check out our guide.

10. The Northern Lights

If they are very impressive, the aurora borealis are not the only natural phenomena that are worth the trip. How about seagulls in the Florida Keys, or volcanic lightning?

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