From skyscrapers to seven-star hotels, via the souk and … skiing: discover Dubai presented by a local

1. Burj Khalifa

Dubai is the most sparkling, largest, deepest city … and the city of Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world, a major place of interest in Dubai. Go to the Building History Exhibition, then take the fastest elevator in the world. Hang on, because it only takes a few seconds. If this is to be avoided for those with a fragile heart, this is a great thing to do and the view will blow you away. If you are a photography enthusiast, like me, you can even take a tripod and take pictures of the beach and the city. Book internet tickets in advance and go there at sunset, my favorite time as you can see both the day and the night from above.

2. Dubai Creek

After the tallest building in the world, I like the contrast of a simple tower in _abra _ on Dubai Creek. The creek is one of the oldest and most beautiful areas of Dubai. For me, nothing can equal the pleasure of sailing at sunset on an abra to cross the creek (and for a dirham), while the call to prayer resonates between the minarets of the mosques. Close your eyes and imagine you’re in the 60s, when the city was born. You can even book a private abra for 12 € per hour. Impossible to visit Dubai without making a tour in abra to discover the city from another angle.

3. Center for Cultural Understanding of Sheikh Mohammed

Great place to have breakfast or lunch! And if you have always wanted to know more about Islam without ever daring to ask, it is an opportunity to know everything.

4. Dubai Public Parks

Parks may not be the first thing you associate with Dubai. But remember what I told you: in Dubai we have the biggest, the deepest and the dearest of all. Well it’s the same for the parks!

5. Ravi

Khamees Bldg. Al Satwa Road, Dubai, U.A.E .; 971- (0) 4-331-5353
When looking for places of interest in Dubai, do not forget to eat! That’s where I bring the real fans of curry. We go there faultless once a month. One of the oldest restaurants in Dubai, Ravi is usually crowded, with guests from all over the world. There is no white tablecloth, no wine list, no arrogant waiter. Just good Pakistani curry served by a friendly staff. My favorite dishes are chicken boti, chicken handi, mutton tika, daal and mutton kebab, and the bread is fresh and hot. A whole family can eat there for less than 100dhs (20 €). Ravi’s furniture has been changed recently, and we added a family party, but I think it’s more fun to be outside, or in the main room to enjoy the atmosphere.

6. Burj Al Arab

The Burj is “the only 7-star hotel in the world” and, whether you agree or disagree, is certainly one of Dubai’s iconic buildings.
With its height of 321 meters, the Burj has been designed to resemble a sail that rises. There are several places to take pictures, but one of the best is the public beach next door. From here, you will take the best picture of you in Dubai, on the beach with the Burj at the bottom. It is one of the most photographed structures in the world, the Burj is regularly elected the most luxurious hotel in the world, it is a place of major interest if yours visit Dubai. As it is too expensive for the average visitor, here’s a little secret tip: go for a drink at the Dhow and Anchor, in the hotel opposite (the Jumeirah Beach Hotel) and sit on the terrace for an even better view. But do not tell anyone that I told you!


7. Ski Dubai – Mall of the Emirates

Visiting Dubai also involves activities. Want to see the desert and go skiing? Do not miss skiing Dubai, a huge ski trail located in the Mall of the Emirates shopping center next to the marina, at the end of town, near the Burj Al Arab. It’s a bit of a shock to go from the heat of the desert to temperatures below zero. Ski instructors can help you, or you can fend for yourself. There is even a coffee bar in the middle of the trail, like in the mountains, so you can take a break. You can rent all the necessary equipment and clothing, so no need to bring your skis.

8. Walk to the Jumeirah Beach Residence and Dubai Marina

Built in recent years, the marina of Dubai blends with the spectacular skyscrapers and next door is the Jumeirah Beach Residence (or “JBR walk” if you want to look like the premises). The marina and the JBR are a city in the city with amazing architecture, lovely cafes and bars, perfect for watching people pass and finding luxurious hotels and some of the best restaurants in the city including the Frankie’s Italian Bar

9. Safari in the desert

A safari in the desert is an opportunity to taste the past lives of the Bedouins and visit Dubai in a different way. Many companies offer desert safaris, but inquire before booking (or ask me on Be sure to ask at what time you will end up and be dropped off, if they plan to stop somewhere along the way, and especially what additional costs will be required and what kind of food will be offered to you.

10. Fountains of Dubai

From Saturday to Thursday 1 pm and 1:30 pm; 18h-22h every 30 minutes

A magical, exciting and free show, a must when traveling to Dubai! If you’ve ever been to Las Vegas, you may have already seen the fountains of Belaggio. But trust me, Dubai is doing it bigger, bigger, stronger and it’s amazing to watch these fountains. The best is to go there in the evening to see also the show of lights.

The fountains are at the foot of the Burj Khalifa and the Dubai Mall, the largest shopping mall in the world (something else to see too). There are many restaurants next to the fountains and it is best to book in one of them and eat on the terrace (in winter) to see the fountains in all their splendor. I think the Mango Tree is one of the most enjoyable places to dine, but the Rivington Grill is also a good plan, you’ll like to settle down after a day of sightseeing in Dubai.

The musical repertory of the fountain show includes Sama Dubai, Baba Yetu (a famous Swahili song), the number one sales of the Arab world Shik Shak Shok, and the known piece of the Italian tenor, Con te partiro (It’s time to say goodbye). Besides, it is time for me to say goodbye and wish you a wonderful stay in Dubai!

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